African Bank’s New System up and running

African Bank Debt Review Department upgrade their system


African Bank’s Debt Review department are happy to be working on their new upgraded system. They say that during 2013 they “noted a steep increase in volumes of debt review applications. These high volumes dramatically increased the number of documents they need to exchange between themselves and Debt Counsellors. So in an effort to improve their customer service and turnaround times, African Bank has implemented a more advanced computer/software system. They say they hope the new system will allow them to:” service your offices more efficiently and expeditiously.

crazy computerHowever they are now asking Debt Counsellors to assist them work out any possible teething problems. They recently distributed a statement to Debt Counsellors which called for some assistance. The Statement said in part:” … during the transition period there may be some teething problems which may result in anomalies or delayed responses. We request your patience and assistance in this transition. Should you find any unconventional responses from our offices we request that you notify us as soon as practically possible.’


If you do come across any such “anomalies’ then please let them know on:

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Tel: 011 256 9323.

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