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Petrol Hike In March

Consumers are in for another kick in the wallet in March as international tensions in Europe (involving Russia and the Ukraine) continue to push up the price of Brent Crude Oil. This, in turn, means that the petrol price will be going up again.

Reportedly price hikes in fuel costs during 2021 contributed to an 8.6% rise in the cost of food across the country. This is because it simply costs more to move the food items from one location to the next while buying, selling and distributing to outlets. So these outlets increase their prices to compensate.

What You Can Expect

Unleaded Petrol will go up by R1.23 (93) and R1.24 (95) putting unleaded at R21.12 /litre and R21.38 respectively.

Diesel drivers will be hardest hit by a big R1.37/litre jump putting the price per litre at R19.44.

Illuminating Paraffin will also go up by R1.31.

If you are already under financial strain and are worried about the increase in interest rates, the cost of electricity, rising food prices and now the extra cost of fuel then why not speak to a professional Debt Counsellor about your budget?