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Black Friday is Coming And You Are Weakening

Admit it, the adverts are starting to get to you. You didn’t realise it but an inflatable raft with built-in braaiplace does seem like a necessity… now that you really think about it. No, No it is not!

Stop that.

That’s just silly.

Seriously who would even buy such a silly thing if it even existed? Well, maybe you would if it was 85% off for this week only…


The next few days leading up to Black Friday can be the hardest as you are bombarded with adverts. Merchants are desperate to get you to come and spend with them. The danger is that you might end up being convinced something is a fantastic deal with X percent off when you could get it for a better price at another time of the year or at a different merchant.

We all know how strong the word SALE or DISCOUNT can be. They even look better when written in bold text or in red. Don’t they? Over the years you have been trained by people in marketing departments to react to the attractive letters in those words.

Remember the cheapest price is…not spending any money at all or only buying things that you have saved up for when you actually need them.

So, blinkers on. Stay strong.