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The December Challenge

If you are under debt review, you may find that December can present you with a number of unique challenges. One problem can be that you get paid early.

Why is that a challenge?

We all know money burns a hole in our pockets. We have all been guilty of it in the past, getting your salary early in December can be dangerous.

Can you resist the temptation to not perhaps use just “a little” of those funds for something else?

What if your friends say they want you to come over and bring some braai meat or drinks so you can all relax. After all it is end of the year, or maybe it is a big family reunion.

So then perhaps you dip into those funds instead of leaving them for your regular debt review payment. You may even be tempted to think that you will just pay a little less this month than what the court order requires.

See… it’s dangerous!!

Rather than face this nasty temptation this month, speak to your Debt Counsellor and see if you can organise for your debt review payment to go off earlier, when the funds come in?  They will be happy to help.

And once the payment is done the temptation is removed.

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