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Mediation Training Winner Catch Up

Recently, ADR Network SA partnered with Debtfree Magazine to offer a training course and panel membership to one reader. We were so excited to learn that Albert Gumbi of Bad Debt Crushers was the winner of the prize which was valued at nearly R10 000.

We thought to check up and see how things went.

I Passed

First off, we are very happy to hear that Albert not only attended the training but says he passed and has received his mediation qualification.

Excellent news.

The course consists of a lot of study and learning but also practical role playing to put the intellectual knowledge into practical muscle memory. Participants in the training run through mediation session and get to throw one another curveballs as the course is held.

All get to observe and later comment on how participants in the role play handled the situation. Improvements are suggested and discussed and thus lessons learned. This role play is designed to help participants feel more relaxed when they take on their first clients.

It Was So Great

After letting us know about how the course went Albert summed it up by simply saying “it was so great”.

We are so happy that Albert is now a member of the panel of various mediation experts at ADR Network SA and are confident that his experience in debt review matters will give him a unique perspective on how to deal with matters (particularly disputes and mediation to do with financial matters).

We were also blown away by ADR Network SA offering a surprise short program in Debtor and Creditor Disputes (worth R1750) to 8 others who participated in the competition.

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