Coming Changes to the Courts Act

Courts of Law Amendments

court-5There have been a number of important court cases which have changed the way we understand things about the law and the way the courts work. This and other challenges has prompted a relook at the Courts of Law Act and amendments are being drafted. As with any changes to an Act the industry and public have been asked to comment.

You may have missed that and wonder what changes could be on the way and how they might affect consumers struggling to repay their debts. Well, we have a quick cheat sheet summary of the proposed changes and some of the comments given by various parties about those proposed changes that you can download:

DownloadSummary of Comments on Courts of Law Amendment Bill (2016)

The changes will potentially affect how EAOs or Garnishee orders might be granted (after that big Con Court ruling about the Stellenbosch Law Clinic Case) and other related topics.

Have a quick peek to stay up to date and see what various key industry role players are suggesting as it may soon impact on you or on debt counsellor’s debt review clients.



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