Consumer Credit Market Report [Download]

NCR Consumer Credit Market Report

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) regularly issue a report on consumer credit usage. The NCR track how consumers use credit and how overindebted the country’s credit users really are. The report shows how many credit users are behind on payments. The figure is in the millions.

The recent report covers the first 3 months of 2018 and reports on the 25.46 million SA credit users (this number has gone up a bit since December 2017).

The CCM Report shows that less people are taking on bonds to buy homes. Fewer people are also buying cars on credit (or qualifying for credit) compared to the end of last year.

Almost 20 Million Impaired Accounts

19.84 Million accounts at different credit providers have not been paid on time, many for more than 3 months, showing just how consumers are struggling to make ends meet and still pay for credit they have already used.

Don’t Take On More Debt

If you are behind on your debt repayments then rather than look for more credit to pay for your existing debts rather consider getting rid of your debt through debt review.


Consumer Credit Market Report 2018 Q1




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