Convert More Site Visitors To Clients

Turning Site Visitors Into Clients

Although there are so many people in SA who are facing serious debt stress, the number who are applying for debt review has stayed pretty consistently around 12 000 – 14000 a month over the last few years. Many consumers who need help may be hesitant to actually get help. Why?

‘Many consumers who need help may be hesitant to actually get help’

Consumers are often misinformed or confused about how debt review works. They may also hold back because they live in a fantasy world where they think they will simply get more and more credit and be able to get by this way. Others may just hope for the best and hope that things improve, not realising that they are wasting time and making things worse.

Each month, however, thousands of people go online and type in things like: ‘debt review’, ‘help with debt’, ‘debt counselling’ and visit the websites of various Debt Counsellors. Others may be referred to a particular debt counselling firm by their friends or family.

When these visitors check out the Debt Counsellors website they are trying to get enough information, rapidly to make a decision about applying for help or not. What can help turn a website visitor into a likely client?

‘What can help turn a website visitor into a likely client?’

A recent study showed that when video and text are on the same page (explaining the same thing) 72% of those who were interviewed said they would rather watch a video to learn about the service being offered.

Another study (by Eye View Digital) showed that including a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

‘including a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%’

This is because humans are visual creatures. We process information faster via video than text (compare reading a book to watching a movie) and videos use several of our senses at the same time which helps reinforce information.

Also, videos are said to help potential clients feel something more readily than they would reading the same info.

There are many types of videos which can be used from a testimonial video (or existing or former clients) to an explanation video which tells visitors how the process works. You can, of course, use several videos rather than a single video or break up the videos into clearly marked topics. Whatever works for you with your budget. Making such videos can be done “on the cheap” if you are prepared to set aside a little time and resources (money) to get something in place. You are not trying to win an Oscar but you do want something of reasonable quality. There are many free resources online which you can use or you can pay someone to make one up for you. You can even check out online services like Fiver for people offering template type videos. Whatever works.

These days online users have a short attention span so, it is best to keep such videos under a minute in length or if it is longer, make sure your viewers know where the video is heading or engaged with humour. It can be helpful to split longer videos into several shorter videos.

The goal of any such video should be to explain the process and give consumers enough info to act on without being too boring. If you are able to ad such a video it may push your client acquisition numbers higher (and Google likes them too which is good for your Google ranking).

Here are some examples of such videos:




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