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Covid-19 Health Tip:

Across the globe numbers of Covid-19 infections and deaths are once again on the rise. This is mostly due to poor behaviour by people who are tired of taking precautions or are making poor judgment calls in regard to making use of simple safety measures such as social distancing and use of facemasks.

People are tired of taking sensible and easy precautions and just want things to go back to “normal”

Family & Friends

When talking to Family and Friends, who do not live with you, be sure to wear your facemask at all times.  It will help protect them.

Don’t take it off or pull it down under your chin and put them at risk. If you keep your mask on for strangers then do not take it off simply because you are more familiar with the person you are now talking to.

Many people feel that it is safe to remove their masks around people they know well or they may want that person to see more of their face. They may also copy the other person if they remove their mask. This simply puts these loved ones at a higher risk of death. Avoid making this simple mistake.