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Each quarter the various Credit Bureaus report on how consumers are doing. Over the last few years there has been an ever increasing amount of people in financial trouble reflected in these reports. The latest credit bureau statistics report is no different.


Some stand out statistics are:


71 000 more consumers fell into the “bad” category where consumers are 3 months behind on payments.

As far as individual accounts in bad standing an additional 375,000 accounts fell into the bad category. This means that compared to 1 year ago there have now been nearly an additional 2 million accounts that have fallen behind on payments.

Around 21,000 disputes were lodged with the credit bureaus. This is undoubtedly a good indication that consumers are becoming more active in regard to complaining when they see a problem. This is also an indication that there is indeed work out there for Alternative Dispute Resolution Agents.


At present there are 9.76 Million consumers in serious trouble and several months behind on payments.

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Credit Bureau Monitor September 2013

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