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DC Partner PDA Using Whatsapp To update DC Clients

In the modern, fast-paced business environment speed is of the essence. This is one reason why DC Partner PDA are now beginning to use social networking app Whatsapp to talk directly to their Debt Counsellor clients. 

DC Partner are one of the 4 Payment Distribution Agencies (PDA) who are registered with the National Credit Regulator. They assist consumers with debt review related payments to credit providers and Debt Counsellors with software for use in debt review.

Whatsapp messages are often faster than an email which may be stuck in a backlog for hours or longer. These days since most people keep their phones on them they anticipate their notifications reaching the Debt Counsellors much faster. DC Partner says that they are not only able to send notifications about things like server status, new features, downtime and other related info to the Debt Counsellor but can also add in other members of the Debt Counsellor’s team.

DC Clients and staff members will also be able to opt out of the messages at any point with ease should they no longer want to receive the messages.