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The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa will be meeting during November for their Annual General Meeting.

The AGM takes place on the  7th of November and members are welcome to attend and vote for certain things.

What Happens at the AGM?

While there are several things on the go at the AGM, two key items are the consideration of the Association’s finances as well as the appointment of the National Executive Committee.

The AGM will start with a few technical matters, such as establishing that a Quorum exists (so that members are adequately represented) and then the minutes of the last AGM are approved.

Next up is the DCASA President’s Address. Here we expect Rhieny to update everyone on accomplishments of the last 12 months and the challenges that currently exist. 

Members will hear about the finances. How much has come in from members fees and some of the sponsorships of events and how much was spent on salaries and annual running costs etc.

Then it will be on to the voting of or election of the NEC members. These are the folks who give much of their time to the association and help drive activity. Over the years (including last year) we saw many hard working Debt Counsellors set aside much of their precious time to help on the NEC and their efforts are to be applauded.

Members who are not able to attend during the AGM are able to send in nominations and votes prior to the event.