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DCASA Annual General Meeting

The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa held their AGM this month. Many members attended and updates were given on the association’s activity and finances.

The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA) is the Debt Counsellors association with the most members in South Africa. It is the longest standing association representing Debt Counsellors and is well known for its efforts in regard to the industry.

On the 10th of November 2021, members met online (due to the Pandemic) to hold their annual meeting.


After a quorum was established, the outgoing DCASA President Mr. Russell Dickerson made a presentation about the recent activity of the association during 2021.

The presentation started with a discussion of DCASA activity on the NCR’s Credit Industry Forum (CIF). DCASA is represented on all the CIF sub committees and Mr Dickerson expressed a big Thank You to all the representatives who attend and participate in those committees.

Another area where DCASA has been busy at work this year is in trying to push an industry clean up and helping improve the industry image.

Russell said that DCASA wants to help make it very hard for fraudsters to try to trick consumers who are already in debt review or who need debt review. He shared that the National Credit Regulator (NCR) have been notified of all the “we will clear your debt review” type scams that members have been able to spot this year and encouraged members to keep letting the NCR know when they see such possible scams.

Looking ahead, Russell said we can only hope for a more stable 2022. There certainly is a need for people to get help with their finances that are stretched way too far and under increasing pressure. Hopefully, Debt Counsellors can be a big part of this next year.

He thanked both the NEC members and the DCASA team of Vanessa and Christina for overcoming serious challenges this year and being so adaptable. The members all agreed.

Russell will now step down as DCASA president as his period in office is concluded this year but will remain on the NEC as the outgoing President and thus continue to lend his experience to the table.

DCASA Finances:

Mauritz vd Heever (Eyesure Financial Services) presented the DCASA financial report (which was then accepted).

The details of the report are proprietary to members but the main highlights included how there was a reduction in member numbers as some Debt Counsellors left the industry during 2021. This obviously impacted a little on income so, some adjustments were made to spending (eg. remote work, giving up office space etc). Once those were made the books were brought into balance.

Wrap up

The meeting was well attended and most who attended seemed happy if somewhat fatigued from a long and tricky year and perhaps one to many zoom meetings. Although the switch to webinars and remote meetings via Teams etc has been successful this year, there may be in person meetings early next year (based on Covid-19 stats at the time). At those in person meetings, the branch representatives will then be elected.

The meeting ended after a brief update about the NEC members for 2022 and how the remainder of NEC will come into effect once the regional meetings happen.

If you are a Debt Counsellor then you should consider joining an association (or forum or group or body or collective) so that you too can have representation and input on industry issues. For more information about DCASA you can visit the website.