DCCS Back To School Drive Begins

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Debt Counselling Community Support Help Families Prepare for Back To School

For most parents, January’s back to school costs are far away and their focus is simply on making it to the end of the year. But families in debt review need to be more prudent and plan better than most families. When a family enter debt review and switch to a cash lifestyle they need to get wise about saving toward upcoming costs since they cannot simply put purchases on their credit cards as many do.

But what happens when there just are not enough funds to take care of extra costs?

Debt Counselling Comunity Support (DCCS) have over the last few years been able to help vulnerable debt review families get through this tricky part of the year with help from generous industry sponsors. Debt Counsellors, attorneys, PDAs and credit providers have all clubbed together to help out those deserving hard working, loyally paying consumers under debt review who are feeling the pressure.

Once again this year DCCS will be launching an end of year drive to get supplies ready for the January Back to School drive. Vouchers and bags full of clothing or stationery will be provided for those families identified by Debt Counsellors in the community. If you know of any families who might qualify then please contact admin@dccsupport.co.za

To Find Out More About Sponsoring A Back To School Pack Click Here

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