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NCR Certificates – Latest News

Debt Counsellors countrywide are paying their annual renewal fees and waiting on updated certificates from the National Credit Regulator.

Each year Debt Counsellors pay an annual renewal fee to the National Credit Regulator (NCR). The NCR, in theory, send each Debt Counsellor an invoice for the renewals and then after payment is received sends a copy of the certificate to the registrant.


However, this annual renewal process is not without its challenges. Some Debt Counsellors say they do not receive their invoices from the NCR during the month. Others have said in past years they have made payment but have had to wait long periods for their certificates to be supplied.

In the past, the NCR has also run into challenges with the SA postal service and hard copies of certificates have taken a long time to be delivered or not been delivered at all. Tracking and tracing of deliveries is obviously a logistical challenge since there are thousands of registered Debt Counsellors in SA all of whom are extremely eager to get their certificates.

Don’t Wait For An Invoice

The NCR has advised Debt Counsellors not to wait to be invoiced but to rather just make payments using their NCR registration number as the payment reference. This will help the NCR allocate the payments to the correct Debt Counsellor. Many Debt Counsellors will also send proof of payment to the Regulator as well (

Getting Your Certificate

The NCR has let Debt Counsellors know that they are now attending to the annual renewals and have already produced the certificates in anticipation of everyone’s renewals. Once they process payments done (this month) they will send the Debt Counsellor an email copy of their certificate within 5 days. This email version should be usable in most courts temporarily.

The hard copy of the certificate will be available at the NCR headquarters in Gauteng for collection if anyone so desires. Alternatively, an arrangement can be made to send it via registered mail.