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DCASA Workshop About Leaving Debt Review

If you are thinking about debt review one of the first things you will consider is how long you will be in the process and how you can leave the process when you no longer need it. Over the years there have been changes in the understanding of what the National Credit Act allows and does not allow. 

This helpful video (below) is from the Debt Counsellor’s Association of South Africa (DCASA) and discusses the proper way consumers, who have begun debt review, can finish the process.

To find out more about this and other topics be sure to visit or find them on social media. DCASA are making an ongoing effort to reach consumers with regular webinars and workshops on this and similar topics.


You can also download this 1mb free eBook about leaving debt review which warns you about what not to do and common scams that many consumers face when trying to leave debt review early. Don’t get caught out. Be sure to follow the proper channels for leaving debt review and in the legislated way.