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NCR Waiting For Forms From Debt Counsellors

Each quarter (3 months) and each year Debt Counsellors are required to submit forms with statistics and undertakings to the NCR. This month the Form 41 and Form 42 forms are required (by the 15th) and should be sent to:

Failure to do so can result in the NCR taking action as submitting these forms is required by the Debt Counsellors registration T&Cs and Regulations for Debt Counsellors.

The NCR make use of these statistics (and those gathered on the DebtHelp System) to report on activity in the debt counselling space like how many people are applying for help or how many people are getting their clearance certificates at the end of the process each month.  They are able to report on these figures in parliament and to share such stats with the media to encourage consumers to get debt help timeously.


You can download the forms here:

NCA FORM 41-1 |