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Debt Counsellors Having Trouble Registering New Clients

Every time a new consumer applies for debt review, the Debt Counsellor who is helping them has to go onto the National Credit Regulator’s database site (NCR Debt Helpt) and capture information about the consumer.

Some of this information is then passed along to the Credit Bureaus so they can ‘flag’ the consumer as having applied for a review of their debt situation. This helps credit providers to identify these consumers as suffering financial difficulty and then they can consider if they are able to offer the consumer more credit or if this would then be reckless.

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Technical Challenges

Recently, Debt Counsellors have been complaining that they are having some difficulty listing new clients on the system. Others are saying they are struggling to transfer clients from one Debt Counsellor to another when this is required. The system seems to be acting up some of the time.

‘the NCR IT team are dealing with the matter’

These Debt Counsellors have been assured that the NCR IT team are dealing with the matter and that Debt Counsellors will be officially updated when this is totally resolved.