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Delays In Getting Certificates

Debt Counsellors are waiting on vital certificates from the NCR which are needed in court.

Several years ago the NCR decided to that they would provide Debt Counsellors (there are over 3000 registered, though some are not practicing any more) with an annual certificate. This certificate is used by Debt Counsellors in their court documents to show they are qualified to help consumers and bring applications on their behalf.

So Much Work

The challenge with issuing thousands of invoices, receiving thousands of renewal payments and then issuing thousands of renewal certificates is that it takes a lot of time, effort and precision. Just making sure that the copy is first emailed to the right email address can be challenging. the NCR has a database of email addresses for each registrant but email addresses do change and sending batches of emails can hit snags from spam detecting programs.

‘some Debt Counsellors report getting their certificates quickly this year’

While some Debt Counsellors report getting their certificates quickly this year others are still desperately waiting. members of the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa have approached the association for help and they are working hard in conjunction with the NCR to get the certificates to the Debt Counsellors. Of course, since the email is a copy (non certified) some Debt Counsellors will prefer the original from the NCR. The NCR which has as yet not opened regional offices ask that Debt Counsellors from across the country organise a courier or come and get it themselves in Midrand, Gauteng. For many this is a challenge.

The NCR said this year (revealing a little behind the scenes action) that the certificates were already all ready and waiting before the end of July (by when they need to be renewed) and it was hoped that having them ready and waiting (perhaps even before payment was done) would help speed the process along.

Debt Counsellors are encouraged to contact the NCR urgently if they have not received at least a digital copy of their annual renewal certificate via email by now.