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Debt Review Awards Show 2020

This year the Annual Debt Review Awards gala was moved online due to Covid-19 and the restrictions around large social gatherings during the lockdown. The show was instead streamed live online via YouTube.

This meant that many Credit Providers and Debt  Counsellors were able to invite their entire office of staff to join and enjoy the show.  There were hundreds of connections and for some of the larger offices, this meant everyone watching via a shared screen on Zoom, teams or other similar team viewing software.

Some viewers took the time to get all dressed up, while others embraced the 2020 lock down “Zoomer” lifestyle and enjoyed the show in the comfort of PJs and slippers. Others like Corrie (one of two picture competition winners) managed to do both in typical 2020 style.


For all the results head over to , where you can get the details of the Top 10 Debt Counsellors announced in this year’s peer reviews, as well as, find out the names of the Top 5 (Top 5 in five size categories) and ultimately highest rated Debt Counsellors. You will also find info about the highest rated credit providers and PDAs.

Some highlights include Hyphen PDA who took both Awards in the Payment Distribution category, National Debt Advisors who claimed the top spot for this biggest debt counselling practices and Standard Bank who ended the show with three awards.

Thank You

The Debtfree team had a great time helping out with the process again this year and thank all the speakers, guests, supporters and volunteers who chipped in.

During the week this week (and in the magazine) we will take a bit of a deep dive into all the action and results so that even if you missed the event, you will be able to get a taste of all the action.