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Debt Review Awards 2024 Update

The annual Debt Review Awards gala will be live streamed from the in person venue in Cape Town on Friday the 18th of October 2024. 

The results of the annual Debt Review Awards are based on an industry peer review, where those who are registered with the National Credit Regulator are invited to rate the performance of their peers on the opposite side of the industry. So, a Debt Counsellor will review the performance of a credit provider and vice versa.

But what are the criterion?

Over the next 3 issues we will look at the start, middle and end of the process and some of the criterion that are considered.

The Start Of the Process

Credit providers and Debt Counsellors are evaluated on slightly different criterion due to the different functions they perform.

Here are some of the criterion that are considered in the in-depth reviews that begin in the 3rd section of the annual reviews.

Credit Provider Criterion

Providing CoBs timeously (with all required information)

Sticking to required industry turnaround times

Cancellation of Debit Orders

Stopping Collections Harassment

Professionalism of correspondence

Staff knowledge of the process

Incidence of frivolous counter proposals

(including of DCRS proposals)


Debt Counsellor Criterion

Clients who start the process (17.2 received) actually making payments by month 3

Sticking to required industry turnaround times

Professionalism of correspondence

Staff knowledge of the process

Proposal quality

(optional use of DCRS proposals is also included as a criterion for some who make use of the software, this is not factored in for those who do not use it)

Balancing client rights with credit provider rights


Note: The wording or phrasing on the questions that cover these criteria may shift or change slightly to help balance the results, but the core criterion are the same.


These are some of the criteria that cover the start of the process. Next issue we will delve into some of the criterion that cover the middle of the process. Since debt review can take up to 5 years, this covers the largest section of the process.

We hope that you will be able to join us during the YouTube live stream of the event on the 18th of October 2024. Head over to the YouTube channel so long to subscribe and watch other interesting videos about debt review: