Debt Review Awards Peer Review

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Debt Review Awards Peer Review

peer reviewEach year the debt review industry engages in a review of itself. This industry-wide process helps to identify those firms who are doing well and leading the way. This allows others to see what is working and how best to model their businesses. It also recognises excellence in the field of debt review.

Each year Payment Distribution Agents (PDAs) are able to identify which credit providers are doing well and the credit providers are able to identify how the PDAs are doing when it comes to distributing funds and dealing with queries.

Debt Counsellors are able to share how they are finding their own PDA (not the others) and the Credit Providers are able to review how the Debt Counsellors are doing.


Industry Agreed Criteria

list‘Each party is reviewed according to a set of industry discussed criteria’

Credit Providers are evaluated based on the following Criteria:

Adherence to industry timelines, Cancellation of Debit Orders, Client treatment, Query resolution, documentation provision, CoB timelines, Counter Proposal frequency and necessity, frivolous legal activity, enactment of court orders, Staff training, Communication and industry support etc.

PDAS are evaluated based on the following Criteria:

Collection and Payment capacity and accuracy, Consumer/CP/DC support, Industry support, Query resolution, industry engagement and participation, promotion of DC businesses and the debt review industry,  usability of software, adaptability of software, payment distribution.

Debt Counsellors are evaluated on the following criteria:

Collection ratios, Client retention, Proposal Quality, Query resolution, Communication and Staff Knowledge, Adherence to timelines, Consumer education, Court & NCT Activity etc.

At the moment various companies are taking part and the database which records the information is being populated with data. The data is then collated and audited and the top companies in each category are identified.

Join the Process

If you are an NCR registered Debt Counsellor, Credit Provider or PDA and would like to be considered or if you are an NCR registered party and would like to participate please link here:

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