Debt Review Awards Peer Review Coming To A Close

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Debt Review Awards Peer Review – 1 Week To Go

Over the past few months, different NCR registered parties have been contributing towards an industry wide Peer Review. The Peer Review allows companies and individuals who work together on opposite sides of the industry identify which firms and people they like working with the most and why. The Peer Review process is only open to those parties registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). After many months the process now comes to a close before the annual Debt Review Awards Gala which will be held in Cape Town this year.

Picture from the 2017 Debt Review Awards Gala held in Gauteng

The industry wide Peer Review is conducted via online software and the results are automatically generated based on all the contributions by the various parties. These are then audited for any irregularities by BKF and then the results are announced at the annual Gala event.

The Debtfree Magazine team chip in and help each year with the Annual Debt Review Awards process and cover the event live. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live results on Sat evening 2nd June 2018.

For more information about the Awards and Peer Review Process you can visit


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