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All the Golden Piggy Pank PDA Winners

The Annual Debt Review Awards show was held in September 2021.

The highest rated Payment Distribution Agents in 2 different categories were announced for 2021.

Each year both Debt Counsellors and credit providers are asked to rate their interactions with the people who handle the money side of debt review.

Debt Counsellors come up with the plans and consumers make one single debt repayment each month but it is the Payment Distribution Agents (PDAs) who split the money up into the right amount and pay that over to the right accounts each month.

There are currently only 4 PDAs who are legally registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Each month the NCR check on them and regular audits are held to ensure consumers finds are being handled with care.

The 4 NCR Registered PDAs are:

CollectNet PDA

DC Partner PDA

Hyphen PDA


If you are entering debt review then you should make sure that you are only asked to pay your monthly debt repayments to one of these 4 registered companies. Feel free to ask your Debt Counsellor which one (or ones) they prefer to work with and why.

Debt Counsellors receive their fees via the PDAs and the credit providers receive the consumer payments via the PDAs so they both are very attentive to how the PDAs are performing.

Award Winners

This year, like last, credit providers rated Hyphen PDA the highest among the 4 NCR registered Payment Distribution Agents.

Debt Counsellors rated DC Partner PDA the highest among the 4 NCR registered Payment Distribution Agents. This was a shift from the past few years where Hyphen PDA has taken home the Golden Piggy Bank.


Debt Review Founder (and our Editor) Mr. Zak King says: “With only 4 registered candidates the PDA section is always going to be hotly contested. Obviously, all 4 candidates are working within the requirements of the Act and are checked on by the NCR so, all are good. The Awards identifies who is getting the best feedback throughout the year and that’s always very interesting to see“.