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Wondering Who Took What Awards This Year?

The winners and top rated Debt Counsellors, Attorneys, PDA and Credit Providers for 2023 have been announced at this year’s Debt Review Awards.

The event was held in Woodmead, Gauteng and over 200 guests attended in person while many others joined via live stream.


The Awards Show

After a funny and surreal introduction by the Ai host (are we seeing double?) guests were able to hear from various industry speakers and presenters.

Among them were the DTIC, the NCT, Hyphen PDA and human host for the afternoon and Debt Review Awards founder Zak King.

Guests got a sample of the happy feeling consumers get in a feature from Pioneer Debt Solutions and several consumers were in for a surprise during the Nutun Debt Write Off.

In his “State of the Industry” address SK of Hyphen PDA highlighted progress that has recently been made in the industry despite challenges.

After the speeches came the associated awards. These are awards handed out on the day in conjunction with the Debt Review Awards gala. Among them were the Slipstream Technology Adoption Award, the ONE Significant Contribution to Debt Review Awards and the new Nousheen Pore Award.

The Debt Review Awards

Then it was time to hear the results of the industry peer reviews.

These reviews are done by various NCR registered participants and the results are compiled throughout the year. The results are announced and the top PDA, credit providers and Debt Counsellors identified.

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This year DC Partner PDA took both Awards in the Payment Distribution Agent categories.


While ABSA were identified as making the most improvements over the last 12 months African Bank’s debt review department took home the Highest Rated Debt Review Department Award.

Here is some more info about the other Categories:

Most Improved:


Retail Credit Provider

Consumer Friend

Short Term Finance


Vehicle Finance


Large Non Bank Credit Provider

Old Mutual

Unsecured Credit


Secured Credit


Highest Rated Debt Review Department

African Bank

This year 55 Debt Counselling practices were recognised. Among this group of industry leaders the highest rated in 6 categories were:

Boutique Debt Counselling Practice

Debt Solutions | Susan Pretorius

Small Debt Counselling Practice

Master Your Money | Shaun Zeelie

Medium Debt Counselling Practice

Debt Fresh | Anton Meiring

Large Debt Counselling Practice

Credit Matters

National Debt Counselling Practice


National + Debt Counselling Practice


There were even a few gifts from some of the event supporters such as DCCP, who provide specialised insurance to those under debt review.


Well done to the various credit providers, attorneys, PDA and all the Debt Counsellors.

The event was a real celebration of how debt review is making a difference in the lives of consumers and helping credit providers recover over R1.4 Billion each month from willing and happy clients, who can now realistically afford to repay their debts each month.