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Free Workshop For DC & CPs

If you would like to know how to be part of the annual Debt Review Award and how it all works, then join this 30 min workshop online, on Thursday 9 May 2024.

The Annual Debt Review Awards

Each year credit providers and Debt Counsellors who are registered with the National Credit Regulator are invited to weigh in on how their counterparts are doing.

Throughout the year the results of short peer reviews are compiled and once a year at a modest gala event, the results of the industry polls are announced.

Join the Workshop

While all are welcome to attend the workshop for free, the target audience is newer Debt Counsellors and those with less than 300 clients.

With this week’s topic, it might also be beneficial for Credit Providers to join.

‘There will also be a chance to catch up with a credit provider’

There will also be a chance to catch up with a credit provider and get to learn a little more about their book and their contact and escalation process.

To book your spot email: