Debt Review Awards

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Debt Review Awards

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The Debt Review Awards is an industry awards program (and gala event) where Credit Providers, Debt Counsellors, Consumers, as well as Government Agencies (eg. the DTI & NCR) recognise excellence in the field of debt review. The Debt Review Awards gala event is hosted mid year annually and presents the industry with the opportunity to recognise those who are going above and beyond the call of duty and working hard to improve the debt review industry.

 Nominations and Awards

Awards are presented in various size categories to Debt Counsellors, Credit Providers as well as Payment Distribution Agencies. This means that a one man Debt Counsellor has the same chance of winning an award as a major South African Bank. Nominations are published well in advance and nominees are invited to attend on the night to find out if they have won.

See the 2015 Debt Review Awards Nominees

See the 2015 Debt Review Awards Winners



Popular Awards


While some categories of Awards are judged by Panels of industry experts other categories are decided by popular votes.

Facebook TwitterVarious forms of social media are used to collect popular votes such as Facebook and Twitter. Debt Counsellors and Credit Providers and Payment Agents can encourage their clients to vote for them via the website or via social media.



See the 2015 Debt Review Awards Public Voting Poll Winners



Industry Panel Awards


Each year the organisers arrange for an extensive panel of industry experts with years of everyday experience and hands on knowledge of the industry to consider other role players in the industry. Credit Providers, Attorneys, Trainers, software developers and Payment Distribution Agents consider the various registered Debt Counsellors. In turn Debt Counsellors, Trainers, Attorneys, and credit providers discuss Payment Distribution Agencies etc. Each panel considering a particular category contains none of the companies being discussed in that category to ensure no bias. The panel communications are monitored and reviewed by the auditors. The panels take several weeks or months to narrow down the extensive list of possible candidates to a few nominees and ultimately a single winner in each category.


Debt Counsellors

In an effort to be fair to all parties large and small and enable DCs to be weighed based on there service relative to their size Debt Counsellors will be judged in various categories such as:

  • Small/ Boutique
  • Med/ Provincial Footprint
  • Large/ National Footprint

Credit Providers

Credit Providers large and small will also have an opportunity to receive Awards. Credit Providers will be separated into various categories such as:

  • Micro Finance/ Small
  • Medium Credit Provider
  • Retail Credit Providers
  • Vehicle Finance Credit Providers
  • Banks


Payment Distribution Agencies were up for nomination in each PDA subcategory (such as payments and customer service, systems etc)  in 2014. At present there are 3 Payment Distribution Agencies in South Africa with service level agreements in place with the NCR namely: DC Partner, Hyphen and NPDA.


Auditing the Awards

In 2014 the Debt Review Awards results were audited by WCCA. This year (2015) all results are audited by BKF Auditors.





The Winners

The Winners will be announced at the Debt Review Awards 2015 Gala held in Gauteng on Saturday the 13th of June. Attendance is by invitation only. Winners in both the public poll as well as the Debt Review Awards Panels will be announced on the evening. Results will also be published here and on The results will be featured in Debtfree DIGI magazine and in the popular press.


Credit Providers

Micro Finance Winner

  • Finchoice


Medium Credit Provider Winner

  • Consumer Friend


Retail Finance Winner

  • Consumer Friend


Vehicle Finance Winner


  • Wesbank

  • (a division of FirstRand Bank limited)


Bank Winner

  • FNB

  • (a division of FirstRand Bank limited)

Payment Distribution Agencies


The Debt Review Awards 2015 Panel award for Customer Service :

  • DC Partner




The Debt Review Awards 2015 Panel award for Industry Support:

  • Hyphen PDA




The Debt Review Awards 2015 Panel award for Payment Distribution:

  • NPDA




The Debt Review Awards 2015 Panel award for Software:

  • Care Premier

(produced by DCM)


Debt Counsellors

Boutique Debt Counsellor Winner

  • iNDC – Independent Debt Counsellors


Medium Debt Counselling Firm Winner

  • Consumer Debt Help


Large Debt Counselling Firm Winner

  • Debt Rescue



2014 Winners:

Read all about who the winners were in the 2014 Debt Review Awards here:



Debt Review Awards Gala

The Debt Review Awards Gala is a red carpet affair. Guests arrived dressed ‘to the nines’ and ready for their red carpet photographs. The Debt Review Awards Gala is held in a major city each year and is split into two sessions with an intermission for conversation and refreshments. Winners were interviewed on the evening, at the gala and the interviews will later be featured on, as well as other media outlets. Results were posted via Twitter, Facebook and Attendance was by invitation only.


Guest Speakers in 2015

_DSC0096Our first guest Speaker was the DTI’s Ms. Evelyn Masotja.

Ms. Masotja spoke about how the Department of Trade and Industry supports initiatives such as the Debt Review Awards and how the National Credit Act helped protect SA consumers from the immediate effects of the global economic crunch.


_DSC0098Our Second Guest speaker was Ms. Diane Terblanche, NCT Chairperson.

Ms Terblanche has spent over 30 years in the industry and is a consumer rights expert. She has been with the NCT since it’s inception.



Our Event Sponsors

The Debt Review Awards is a joint effort by sponsors and supporters who help cover the costs involved. Our sponsors were at the event to make presentations and add nice little extras for those attending. Sponsors do not judge or decide on who receives any of the Awards. They remain neutral but support the event financially.

 Event Contributors

We want to also give a large Thank You to these organisations that are helping contribute time, effort and even money toward the Debt Review Awards. Their positive contributions are helping improve our industry and make the Debt Review Awards a success.


Sponsors and Contributors



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