Debt Review saves lives

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1 in 3 consider suicide

In recent statistics released in the UK one Debt Review organisation revealed that one out of every three consumers they are helping have contemplated or attempted suicide.

One mother from from a town in the UK told the debt counselling organisation of how she regularly sacrificed meals to feed her daughter. As things got worse and she was threatened with eviction, she started to think that suicide was her only option.” I wasn’t coping with living,” she admits. They began to live a life of fear and seclusion. “We locked ourselves in, frightened by (debt collectors) and of …talking to anyone.” She says that she felt “ashamed“, felt she had failed her family and was nervous all the time. Fortunately she got help through debt review and says it now feels like she has protective arms wrapped around her and her family.

The UK Debt Counselling companies report shows that as debt reduces so does any chance of people taking their own lives. Sadly some here in SA have also thought about suicide when facing debt problems. This is often the case because they do not feel they have other options. Fortunately more and more consumers are learning about debt review and how it can help them.

If you are facing a huge debt burden please talk to a Debt Counsellor who will be able to help you improve your situation quickly.

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