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Debt Review School

While under debt review it is important to learn (and practice skills that will help you both during and after your debt review. One such skill is budgeting.

Now, this is a large topic so we are focusing in on one smaller area that often gets forgotten while budgeting and may actually lead to many of your figures being totally wrong.

When Working on Your Budget

Try to add in smaller costs that can creep in like buying a packet of chips and a cool drink at work. You may do this several times a week and many times across the whole month. These smaller figures spread out across the month actually add up so don’t forget about them.

If you are spending R20 a day that’s as much as R100 a week or R400 a month. While it is fine to include such things in your budget (we all need snacks) it is important not to forget to add this figure in when working on your budget.

You can imagine if you leave this figure out you may be confused why you do not have enough money set aside each month to cover all your expenses. So keep such smaller costs, like paying for parking or taxi fare or buying something to drink in mind.