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Debt Review School

It seldom ever happens but, what should you do if for some fortunate reason, you end up with more funds than expected each month?

If this happens then you may feel the urge to hide the information from the Debt Counsellor. Worried that they may somehow force you to give that money to the credit providers immediately.

While it would be fair to use the funds towards settling debt (remember fatser is better), there may be some items that the Debt Counsellor was considering when doing the budget that had to be reduced or even cut, in an effort to meet credit provider preferences. 

If extra funds are now available the Debt Counsellor may advise using such finds towards these things. For example, You may benefit from additional insurance in case of emergencies. You may need to save towards upcoming annual expenses that were not fully covered before.

You may need to save towards emergencies at a faster rate (eg. paying excess on an insurance claim or appliance replacement).

So, do not hide this information from your Debt Counsellor. They will help you figure out how best to use the funds even if it is only for a single month and not ongoing. Perhaps the funds could be used to settle a smaller debt and start a debt repayment snowball going which will make all your credit providers happy and get you out of debt review faster.