Debt Review School: Your Debt Counsellor’s Contact Info

Debt Review School

It is not uncommon for consumers to lose touch with their Debt Counsellor. You may wonder: How can such a thing happen? Your Debt Counsellor is the person you are now relying on to help with your entire financial future and wellbeing. They are handling your all important debt review. Surely this will never happen?? But it does.

Consumers sometimes commit to the process without having properly considered all the information about the process or without having received from the Debt Counsellor important documentation such as a Form 16, Declaration of Fee (like a quote), contract or without having received a copy of their Form 17.1 (telling everyone they are having an assessment done) once the process has begun.

Some consumers deal with their Debt Counsellor online via a computer (without backing up emails) or on a mobile device (without saving the name and number elsewhere). Should their computer die or phone get stolen this can result in the consumer not knowing who they are getting help from (if they forgot to make notes and get papers).

‘the NCR has not required the credit bureaus to store info on which Debt Counsellor is assisting consumers’

Unfortunately, the NCR has not required the credit bureaus to store info on which Debt Counsellor is assisting consumers and do not readily make this information available. However, if consumers are confused they are able to talk directly to the NCR and ask for this information.

NCR PH: 0860 627 627

Consumers should be smart and not only make notes and keep records and documents but they should also make contact with their Debt Counsellor via various social media and online methods.

They should also consider going to the Debt Counsellor’s physical office at least once. That way if they do somehow loose one way of reaching their Debt Counsellor (eg. a home fire destroys papers) they can still reach out to their Debt Counsellor another way.




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