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If you would like to hear more about consumers who have successfully used the debt review process to get out of debt then head over to listen to our favourite podcast: Debt Review With Dummies

The podcast is all about consumers from different walks of life and how they benefitted from the debt review process.  

Insights From Those Who Have Been In The Process

If you are thinking about beginning the debt review process but have some reservations then you will enjoy the podcast.

The guests are ordenary folk who hit hard times and for a variety of reasons entered debt review. The podcast hosts (the Dummies) ask the guests about what lead to their decision to start debt review and how they decided on who would help them. They also talk about if things went smoothly or if there were complications.

One of the regular hosts is our Editor (Mr Zak King) and we can attest that he is indeed one of our favourite dummies.

Be sure to check out the lastest episode here: