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  1. Hi Celeste, It seems you gave it a go for a while and then when circumstances changed you broke the debt restructuring court order. This, unfortunately, presents you with (1) the challenge of trying to find a Debt Counsellor who would be willing to take on your matter – as it will be somewhat more difficult than normal and (2) if you do enter debt review you may find not all credit providers willing to play ball since you bombed out before (even if for a good reason). What works in your favour is that you have been trying.

    I don’t see any harm in you talking to a Debt Counsellor and getting their professional opinion based on your situation as it stands right now. With all the facts they will be able to give you a good approximation of what could happen and what the local court will order.

    As for costs, the new Debt Counsellor will want to charge the industry standard fees. These are not outrageous.
    As for interest etc. Please remember that the court makes the order, not the Debt Counsellor and the court has to take into consideration what the credit providers need to be profitable. These days however the interest rates are generally slashed to really low and even 0 sometimes.

    With the current Covid-19 pandemic the banks are being really kind. Now might be a good time to talk to your local Debt Counsellor.

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