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Free Workshop For Debt Counsellors

Debtfree are hosting a free online workshop for Debt Counsellors who wish to grow their practice on Thursday 30th May 2024.

Grow Your Practice

If you are a new Debt Counsellor or a Debt Counsellor with less than 300 clients then you are invited to an online workshop on Thursday 30th May 2024.

The aim of the workshop is to look at how you might grow your practice (from starting out to hiring staff to going large) and there will also be a section all about introducing controls within your practice.

SOme time is set aside during the 30minutes of the workshop to also check in with and get to know a credit provider namely, Tenacity.

If you wish to attend simply email:

Last in This Series

Since the beginning of the year, Debtfree has been hosting a series of workshops aimed at helping smaller Debt Counselling practices grow their client numbers.

The coming workshop is the final in a series and a new series will begin during June 2024, after a 2 week break.