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Debt Counsellor Workshop

If you are a Debt Counsellor looking to expand and grow your client base then you will enjoy the upcoming series of workshops in April.

April (not March)

With all the goings on in March (DCASA Meetings, ABSA’s online Workshop) there will be a short break in the series of free Debtfree DC Workshops until April 4th.

Over the last few months we have covered everything from Warm & Cold Outreach to content creation and Advertising.

In April (starting April 4th at 3pm online), we will start to look at how small operations can scale and how sales can be made more efficiently.

Though many people are struggling with debt it can be hard to convince people that starting a formal debt review process and paying off debt is the best course of action. This is because change is hard. 

So, we will dive into how to make efficient sales and how to motivate your sales teams.

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See you at the next workshop in April.