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Get to know a Debt Counsellor

A Debt Counsellor is an individual who assist consumers and Credit Providers come to new fair arrangements for the repayment of debt via the Magistrates Court. Debt Counsellors do a review (Debt Review) of the consumer’s situation and all their accounts and obligations and then counsels the consumer on how they can change their monthly household obligations to better afford to pay their debt (Debt Counselling). They then submit a proposal firstly to the credit providers for their comments and then to the courts to get a debt restructuring court order.

South Africa has a very sophisticated legal set up when it comes to debt review via the National Credit Act (and new National Credit Amendment Act 2014). if you are struggling to repay your debt then debt review can really assist you.  The question then becomes: Which Debt Counsellor can assist you?

There are currently around 700 to 800 active Debt Counsellors in South Africa.

Do you know what it takes to be a Debt Counsellor? Are you thinking of undergoing debt review. Then you should find out what it takes to be a successful Debt Counsellor.


Debtfree DIGI Aug 2014_coversmallThis month Debtfree DIGI got to interview Debt Counsellor Tania Dekker of Armani Debt Counselling


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