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Our Editor’s Note

Can 2020 just end now, please! Enough is enough already.

2020 will be a year for the history books no doubt, for a bunch of reasons but mostly Covid-19, of course.  There is an ancient Chinese curse which supposedly says: May you live in interesting times! Well, these have been interesting times. A year’s worth of ‘interesting times’ and let’s not fool ourselves, 2021 is probably going be an interesting year too.

School of Hard Knocks

2020 has consisted of tough lessons and reality checks. Recently we learnt that the USA democratic system is as much of a joke as any small third world country. We have seen that even when it comes to a life-saving vaccine, money talks, and the ‘rich’ (first world countries) are getting the benefits while places like SA are left behind due to financial and infrastructure constraints.

‘It has been a messed up year for sure and some of the lessons we have learnt have not been nice’

We have learnt that people are unable to follow simple health protocols that benefit other people; they are too selfish for that. We have seen that people will rather put their lives and those of others at risk, than be inconvenienced in some small way. We have seen politicians and preachers very publically pulled down off their pedestals and disgraced, but regardless still have a huge following and big clout. It has been a messed up year for sure and some of the lessons we have learnt have not been nice.

Something Good At Least

However, among all this 2020 craziness, are some positive take-aways, not to be overlooked. We have realized a few simple truths about life and the world: that things could always be worse; an appreciation for simple pleasures like going outside, or hugging our loved ones and not to be overlooked has been the amazing amounts of time spent with family during lockdown. While we may have some of that next year, this has been a real stand out feature for 2020.

This month we delve into the highlights and lowlights of 2020, as well as some things to keep in mind as we transition to a new year. Who knows, you may even have a laugh or two (or shed a tear)?

With vaccines beginning to roll out, there has been a definite upswing in peoples outlook for the future, while at the same time pandemic fatigue has lead an increasing amount of people to skip simple Covid-19 protocols causing the virus to spread again like wildfire. The end of year break sadly looks like it will be a super spreader event in of itself. I hope the poor doctors and medical staff are ready for what’s coming.

Debt Fatigue

There is some similarity between pandemic fatigue and debt fatigue. Often over-indebted consumers would rather try get a new loan to try pay off their existing debt rather than change their spending habits. People get tired of always counting cents and having to watch their spending.

‘There is some similarity between pandemic fatigue and debt fatigue’

After months and months of sticking to a good financial routine, many just let loose and throw caution to the wind and spend recklessly, even when they know they shouldn’t.  Then when the consequences come knocking, it is somehow unfair and not their fault. Please don’t be one of those people, stick to your good habits.


Take care over the end of the year as we say goodbye and good riddance to 2020. Hopefully, 2021 will be the year that you manage to get debt free.



This article first appeared in Debtfree Magazine issue 12 of 2020