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Our Editor’s Note

Is it possible to be grateful that we made it out of 2020 alive and yet still moan about 2021?

Is it too soon? Are we being ungrateful?

At least we are not Elon Musk who lost $4.6 Billion the other day when Tesla shares devalued a little, ouch! Imagine having that much to lose in the first place, still, its got to be tough to go from the richest man in the world to the second richest man.  I suppose he will be laughing down at us from his castle on Mars, with his robot butler, in years to come and will have forgot all about it by then.

As for the rest of us regular Joes, the last few weeks have been tough. It has been hard to get motivated and stay motivated about 2021, vaccines or no vaccines. World powers America, Russia and China continue their political games on the global stage while back home they are all a hot mess. It’s hard to get other nations to listen to you when your own people won’t. Even the lure of “vaccines for cooperation” has somewhat lost its shine.

‘these hard working people deserve all the help they can get’

On the home front, vaccines have started to roll out to Presidents and doctors alike (not ex-Presidents though). This promises an extra layer of protection to the front line workers who have been putting their lives on the line for us. This is actually something to get excited about, these hard working people deserve all the help they can get. We can choose to focus on good news like this.

There is, however, a ‘disconnect’ between the expectation of how 2021 would solve everyone’s problems, with the reality that 2021 is not going to be a cake walk. This is the common battle between expectation and reality. This challenge is what we dive into in this issue in some detail, regarding debt counselling – the unrealistic expectations some people have about debt review versus the realities of being in the process. Having realistic expectations can really help people who are in the process make good decisions, and to face the challenges that come their way.  We hope you enjoy the news, reviews, tips and interviews in this issue that aim to both entertain and inform you.

‘yes, I think we can take just a moment or two to feel a little sorry for ourselves that times are no easier in 2021’

So, yes, I think we can take just a moment or two to feel a little sorry for ourselves that times are no easier in 2021. We can’t all run away to another planet to escape our problems.

However, even now, we can choose to focus on the more positive things going on around us, and work to find joy in our day to day activities. This can be our reality, and for those who stick to the debt review process, their hopeful expectation of ultimately getting out of debt will soon be met by the reality of being totally debt free.



This article first appeared in Debtfree Magazine issue #2 of 2021