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Our Editor’s Note

You are living through a pandemic, and now you are worried that you are living through the start of World War 3… all the while just trying to make ends meet and pay back all the people who helped you get into debt. The world is in crisis once again, but you can be sure that the bank still wants its cut, come month end.

Well, it is clear that people who live in Ukraine are in for some tough months ahead. Interestingly, Russia has made moves like this before in the Crimea, and after a bit of pushing and pulling between the east and west (or in this case the far North and others in the South) things quieted down again. In fact, it gives politicians (and the UN) the chance to sue for renewed peace and security and to then look like heroes.

Time will tell, but we are already seeing how it is hitting us in the wallet. Stock markets, predictably, get shaken up, people start to buy gold again and with natural gas deals falling apart (to ‘punish’ Russia) the demand for oil in the EU surges. Additional demand in turn means higher prices for you and I, all the way on the other side of the planet. It is a good thing the Government didn’t add to the fuel levy since prices are going to jump. Perhaps allowing staff to work from home (cutting out the commute) is the new way to give an increase?

So, the question is: have you got too much month at the end of your money? 

If so, you are not alone. With prices going up it is getting harder and harder for everyone to make ends meet. At the same time, we know you have not had a giant salary increase so; it means you are going to have to lift your game. This month’s issue we focus on two areas (1) making a plan for your money and (2) learning to shop like a pro.

Even governments make budgets and try to stick to them, you should be doing the same. If you find budgeting a challenge, then be sure to check out the article in this issue. We also give you a quick look at how Government is planning to spend their money this year.

If you are finding every trip to the shops to be more and more expensive, then be sure to check out our top tips to shop and save. If you are able to try one or two suggestions, they will make a big difference by the time you get to the till.

We also have news, reviews, interviews and other things that rhyme.  From advice to job opportunities, this issue is packed with info to keep you up to date and in touch with current trends. It’s enough to inform and distract you for a while so that you can learn stuff and stress less.

‘The good news is that you are probably not going to have to worry about war in your backyard’

The good news is that you are probably not going to have to worry about war in your backyard. The bad news is that all those people who try to make money off situations like this, are going to attempt to financially milk you dry, prepare for a rough ride. But let’s face it, you have been through some tough times recently, and are probably better able to cope with the stress now (even if you don’t really feel like it). What’s war in Ukraine compared to Covid-19 or fire tornados in Australia, or the July riots in KZN? We can handle it. It’s just another “crisis” on your way to becoming debt free.