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Debtfree April 2020 – Our Editor’s Note

Since the Coronavirus burst onto the world scene and has progressively begun to adjust our idea of what ‘normal’ life is, a Chinese curse came to mind, ‘May you live in interesting times’.  Interesting times indeed!

Although everyone knows the benefits of the lockdown (in theory) it has presented everyone with a variety of challenges, bringing out both the best and worst in people, as such situations do.

For example, on September 11th 2001 in New York City, there were amazing acts of heroism and sacrifice as normal people rushed to help complete strangers survive an unprecedented terror attack.  Yet, at the same time, other people took the time to loot shops and ATMs of cash while those around them lay trapped under rubble, wounded and bleeding. Best and worst.

Locally, this lockdown has produced a very similar effect.  There have been amazing acts of generosity as some have given of their time, resource and money to help others.  For example, the crew at Bamboo restaurant (top of Loop Street in Cape Town) who have been heading into some of the roughest areas in Cape Town to provide thousands of meals to those in need.  New Grants for the unemployed have been made available, and millions have been donated to funds like the Solidarity Fund to help those in need, amazing!

Sadly we have to contrast those kind acts with the store looting, moving of drugs and alcohol in coffins by those pretending to be on the way to funerals, and even brutal murders which are unrelenting.  It seems that given the chance, people can show their true colours.

‘For many, however, the lockdown has simply been a downward spiral into fear, stress and desperation’

For many, however, the lockdown has simply been a downward spiral into fear, stress and desperation as their supplies and money have run out.  Our hearts go out to them and of course, our condolences go out to those who have lost loved ones due to the virus.

In this month’s issue, we discuss how to deal with this fear and stress and what lies ahead in our future. We have to acknowledge, that the worst is yet to come as the economy fully folds under the mounting pressure, the job losses begin in earnest, and the ends of the available help are reached. Things are going to be harder than most realize.

We hope all our readers stay safe, stay healthy and get through the historic and interesting times ahead while on your journey to become debt free.