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Debtfree Cover

You should be saving. You know you should…

But let’s be honest, saving is hard. Seriously, we are in the heart of both an economic downturn and a global pandemic that has created a perfect storm of financial woes. We tend to spend every penny we make just to put food on the table so how on earth can you start saving?

Our cover, this issue, brings this sad truth to light as it prompts us to discuss and consider why we are not saving and how it might be possible.

This issue we look into this and more as we cover economic news that’s going to impact on you, share tips from experts and others who are dealing with debt. We also have interviews, reviews and information about retirement (and how you might still be liable for tax).


[Debtfree Team] We hope that you enjoy the articles in the issue which will soon be available to subscribers, then social media followers and then right here on the website (all for free of course).