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Editor’s Note

Summer is here with a vengeance, who can even remember what it felt like to be cold? It is amazing how quickly your day to day can change. One minute you are trying to decide what heavy jacket to wear and the next you are wondering if you can get away with slip slops at work.

It is somewhat like the transition from having access to lots of credit and then the taps being suddenly turned off when you hit all your credit limits. One minute everyone is friendly, offering you more and more credit and the next they are threatening to send you a summons and send a sheriff of the court to your home.

For those who make the choice to enter into debt review before things get too bad, there is also a very short time period to get into the right mindset. The challenge is that it is a HUGE change and seldom are we given the tools needed to handle the shift from a credit lifestyle to a cash one. This can lead to some unfortunate challenges (many of which relate to spending less) and many consumers begin to blame “debt review” for the big changes in their life. Of course, spending money they did not have (using credit) was the actual problem and the consequence is, unfortunately, having to pay back the money or face the collections fallout from credit providers.

The Debt Review process, however, involves paying various parties fees which you never had to pay before since you didn’t need their services. This issue we consider how paying these fees is part of saving money. Sound confusing? Check out the article and see how that works. We also have news, review and advice throughout the issue.

Now that the weather is warmer some of us dig into the back of the cupboard or into that suitcase and take out those summer items. Those shorts, sandals, those thin summers tops which would never work in winter. We begin to adjust to the changes in the environment around us. Give us another month and we won’t even be moaning about it anymore. Humans are adaptable. We can handle change, especially when we have no choice.

‘If you have entered debt review then make no mistake you were running out of viable options to save your financial situation’

If you have entered debt review then make no mistake you were running out of viable options to save your financial situation. So, give it a moment. Don’t be in a rush to blame debt review or your Debt Counsellor for your woes. Hopefully, they will help you make the changes you need to get those debt repayments going every single month. Hopefully, you will figure out how to stick to your new budget and cash lifestyle.

If you do then in a few months you won’t even think about your debt review too much. It will just be part of your life (for a few years anyway). Change can be stressful…or fun. It often depends on your mindset. Just imagine how weird the transition back to using credit is going to be when you finally get debt free.


This article taken from the October 2018 issue of Debtfree Magazine. The magazine is free to read online. Subscribers are being invited (via email) to read the magazine now and the issue will be available to read for free here on the site soon.