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Editor’s Note

Debtfree Magazine #8 of 2021

It has been rather impressive to see the worlds finest athletes run around empty stadiums and compete for Olympic gold. There were some memorable moments, as always, and it has given us an enjoyable distraction in the midst of a very hard and scary year.

Here’s to the underdogs who surprised us all, here is to the Haka dancing, the perfectly synchronized swimming, the meme recreating Gold medal biting, the 14 year old perfect diving, the home runs hit into the empty stadiums, the javelins launched across the world, here’s to the new world records set on track and in the pool.

The biggest winners were probably those who got to watch from the safety of their homes around the globe, while the biggest losers must surely have been the host country. As South Africa knows, hosting an international event of this size costs millions and millions in building and preparation. To then lose out of any possible revenue from visiting spectators, must have hurt. It just demonstrates how vulnerable we all are (even countries) to the effects of the pandemic.

Other than being a very expensive distraction, the Olympics is also a competition between the ‘best of the best’.  It is a chance for those who excel to assess themselves against their peers. It is the culmination of years of personal preparation and training, of self-denial and discipline, this takes razor sharp focus.

This is similar to the annual Debt Review Awards process. It is a chance for not only the entire industry to shine (and take a moment to pat one another on the back) but also for individuals, companies and practices to find out how they stack up against their peers. Be sure to catch our preview article, as everyone gets ready for the online Awards show on 10th of September.

This month we consider how the pandemic has not slowed down unscrupulous people who are out to take advantage of others. Like true parasites on society, these scammers continue to try to leech off of hard working people, regardless of the consequences.

‘the pandemic has not slowed down unscrupulous people who are out to take advantage of others’

We hope the articles in this issue help you become more aware of these types of scams and more wary of other possible scams.

You may not have the muscle bound body of an Olympian in peak physical condition, but if you are in debt review, then you too have been working on achieving a truly amazing long-term goal – the goal of getting out of debt.

‘Much like a training athlete, success in debt review comes from staying focused’

Much like a training athlete, success in debt review comes from staying focused, being willing to cast off distractions, learning to shop better, to save harder, to make the budget cuts others cannot, or simply are not prepared to make. If you can do this, then soon you will lift aloft your gold medal in the form of a clearance certificate, showing that you are winning at life and have become debt free!





This article first appeared in Debtfree Magazine issue #8/2021