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Editor’s Note – Issue 5 of 2022

The World Bank and UN are warning of a possible global recession.  

I know… you are thinking: aren’t we already in a recession? But it seems the ongoing war in Ukraine and the resulting food price pressure, as well as the inflated oil price, is combining with the massive effects of the Pandemic to tilt the scales into a worldwide downward trending economy.

If you have been to the shops to buy oil or recently filled up your petrol tank, then you know how rough it is at the moment. Funny to think one day oil could cost more than oil…if you know what I mean? But that is the world we live in, we have no choice but to adapt and deal with changes.


Fortunately, it is something humans are particularly good at (especially when we have no choice). You probably found this out about yourself when you began debt review. Paying off your debt is not an easy process, but when you need to make serious changes, then remarkably, you are able to.

‘Sometimes life forces us out of our comfort zone’

Sometimes life forces us out of our comfort zone, giving us new opportunities to try new things. It is like if the doctor tells you to adjust your lifestyle and diet due to a medical condition you never knew about before.  When you have no choice you soon find that you can actually make needed changes, because you are really motivated by how serious your situation is. But…that doesn’t mean that your brain will not long for the “good old”, bad old days whenever you walk past some naughty, delicious looking food you should now avoid.

‘that doesn’t mean that your brain will not long for the “good old”, bad old days’

Debt review can be the same. At the start, you can be super motivated about the process, and finally getting your debt situation sorted out. But the longer it goes on, the more pressure mounts and the more temptations come along to try to derail your progress. So, in this issue, we discuss how you can stay positive about your debt review and not drop out of the process.

Since this can make or break your financial future, (and perhaps even that of your kids) it is well worth testing out these tips, and see if they can help you stay strong and motivated.

But Wait, There Is More!

We also discuss changes in the industry, some news that will impact on you and your wallet and look at other tips and advice, just another jam packed issue.

‘change can also be good. Like the change to paying off debt instead of taking on more debt’

Change is hard, we like things to stay the same. It is more predictable, familiar and comfortable. But change can also be good. Like the change to paying off debt instead of taking on more debt. So, don’t let changes in the world around you distract you from your goal, keep up your debt review payments and soon you will enjoy a great change to being totally debt free.




This article first appeared in Debtfree Magazine issue 5 of 2022