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Over the years Debtfree has produced several Special Editions. You might have seen them embedded on websites or have picked up a copy. A Special Edition of Debtfree is just like the normal version just with some content differences.

Print versions








These might be special print editions (normally Debtfree is a digital publication) or it might be branded copies for organisations or companies featuring special content for them specifically.

Special Edition Summer issue for DCI












The August/Sept 2013 Special Print Edition

Debtfree Special Edition Cover Sept 2013


25 000 Copies of the Special Print Edition have been printed and distributed (with some help from the DCU, Alliance of Professional Debt Counsellors, Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa, Black Debt Counsellors Forum as well as our good friends at DC Partner PDA).


The magazine sets out various aspects of the process in such a way that consumers can build confidence in the process. The issue features an explanation of Debt Review, a look at a credit providers debt review department, an interview with the DTI about changes to the act. An interview with a Debt Counsellor and an article about the use of a Payment Distribution Agency.

Information about how to find a debt counsellor is provided in a very exclusive Directory Section. The cover of the magazine also has place for Debt Counsellors to put their details on so that readers can talk to them about debt review.



If you wish to arrange a “Special Edition” for your company then contact with an email entitled Special Edition Request.

Please Note: Debtfree DIGI continues to produce the regular version of the digital magazine even if a Special Edition is produced. Content placed in the Special Editions does not feature in the regular version unless by special arrangement. Content from the regular version may appear in the special editions including advertising or competitions.


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