Discounted movies for Vitality Members

Vitality Members can get Cheap movies

discovery vitality logoSo, we promised to try find more options for saving on movie tickets (which can be crazy expensive) and here we are. We look into how being a Discovery Vitality member can save you bucks on movies as well.

Did you know that all Vitality members (once registered) can get big discounts on Ster-Kinekor movies?  They can.  Obviously not everyone is on Vitality but if you are then you may as well get all the benefits out of the system such as…cheap movie tickets. In most cases almost half price. You can find out how much you can save at different cinemas here:

Savings List


Kids can Get Free Tickets

kids at the moviesYou love them but since they came around things just seem to cost so much and movies are just one of those things. Little devils! Well, the good news is that Vitality members with children (aged 2 – 18) can go online and complete a Kids Vitality Health Review about their kids and suddenly your kids can go to movies before 7pm for FREE.

That’s right! Free movies for the kids.

Sign Up to Get Cheap Tickets

You have to sign up to get the benefits but signing up is relatively easy. First you need to activate the Vitality Ster-Kinekor movie benefit.


If you are already in a mall then you can go to a Ster-Kinekor cinema with your Discovery membership card and ID and  complete an application form. Or you can save some time and petrol (this is about saving,remember?) and activate your benefit on the website. You just go online and fill in the form and add your discovery number. Fill in all the required info and enter your Discovery membership number (you may want to get that handy) and you now qualify.



Get the Card…or Don’t

Next, you need to get a card so you can redeem these discounted tickets and prove you are a member etc. If you want you can spend money to get a physical card but it kind of defeats the purpose of discounted movies when watching your budget. If you chose to you can pay the once-off R41 fee online (or at the actual cinema) but why not apply for the “digital” card which is free? It goes onto your Passbook app (on iPhone) or in your Discovery app (on Android) and costs you nothing extra. You just need to download the Discovery App onto your phone and go to the digital cards section. It asks you for some of the info that Ster-Kinekor would have provided and away you go. Easy!

Living on Less

Sometimes you want to save up and splash out on a romantic movie date night or a big outing with the kids. Why not shop smart, take advantage of the system and get more bang for your buck? It is all part of living on less and still having fun.



If money’s to tight to mention, why not head over to a Debt Counsellor and discuss going under debt review. Though you will make some changes to your monthly budget most Debt Counsellors make provision for you to save up toward some fun activities with your family. this is realistic and can be sued to celebrate when you settle your accounts over time.

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