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Don’t let December Spoil Your January

The end of the year is in sight and the festive season is upon us. With the pandemic disrupting everybody’s lives for the majority of the year, nobody would blame you for feeling like 2020 had 16 months.


Naughty December

During December, people commonly overspend, and perhaps with all the constraints we suffered in terms of travelling and shopping (not forgetting the ban on liquor and cigarettes), there is a feeling of “Arrgh, forget this! This December the family and I are going to enjoy ourselves, and worry about it next year”.

Think back to January 2020 (if you can remember that long ago), it seemed as if there were 64 days between December and January’s salary, you were probably so stressed and desperate by the time pay day eventually arrived in January.

Don’t get caught in the same trap again.

December & January are Not Friends!

December buys gifts that January must pay for. December buys trolley loads of food and alcohol that January must foot the bill for. In short, December makes excessive purchases that saddened January and this rolls over to February, March etc. It can take you months and months to recover… if ever.

This year, it would be an excellent goal to keep the harmony between December and January, by spending wisely.

Oh yes if the thought has crossed your mind to skip a debt repayment during December because it’s been a hard year (I owe it to myself and my creditors will understand – after all it is only one month that I’ll miss the payment what’s the big deal?) then STOP and think again!

Your various creditors will try to leave debt review and start new legal action against you. This means that all the progress you have made, over the months or years of your debt review, will be lost in the blink of an eye.

‘This year, keep your wallet under lockdown!’

Don’t let December spoil your January – This year, keep your wallet under lockdown!






This article first appeared in Debtfree Magazine issue 12 of 2020

Thank you to article author Christo H for the reminders