Draft Amendments to NCA published for comment in 2018

Download the Draft Amendment Bill and Have Your Say

The National Credit Act (NCA) sets out the law in regard to how credit providers and consumers interact with regard to credit usage. It also empowers the National Credit Regulator and National Consumer Tribunal and allows for the registration of Debt Counsellors, Payment Distribution Agents, Credit Providers and Credit Bureaus (and Alternative Dispute Resolution Agents). The Original Act was published a decade ago and is amended from time to time as the industry changes and drafting changes are needed to stay current with current related legislation.

Changes to Come?

The Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry have recently published a draft amendment bill to the NCA for comment in 2018.

You can Download the draft bill here:


Draft NCA Amendment Bill 2018 for public comment



Have Your Say

The Portfolio committee has said they invite written comments on the bill by Jan 15th next year and have scheduled public hearings on the 30th of Jan and 6 and 7th of Feb 2018.

Written comment submissions can be sent to ahermans@parliament.gov.za and can be addressed to Ms J Fubbs (the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee).

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