E-Tolls taking their Toll?

Consumers look for help as e-Tolls begin to hit their pockets

Reports are coming in that a large number of consumers who are currently applying for debt review are pointing to higher transport costs because of e-Tolls as one of the reasons that has pushed them over the limit.





The e-Toll system has only recently gone live (December 3rd) but it seems that many smaller businesses that were walking the fine line between profitablity (or just making ends meet) and disaster may have been pushed over the edge. This despite the comments by Sanral Chairman Tembakazi Mnyaka , in November, that most users would be surprised at how “insignificant” the e-tolling would be.

CEO of Debt Rescue Neil Roets has been quoted as saying that it is both the “mounting toll fees” as well as “the agressive attitude of Sanral’s collections department” that has pushed consumers to look for debt review assistance. Debt Rescue, like many debt counselling firms are now reporting a huge spike in the number of applicants for debt review. Debt Rescue say their normal numbers for this time of year have doubled. Obviously there are many factors involved but they point to this as being a significant motivating factor in the Gauteng area.


In the Uk there has also been a sharp increase in the number of people applying for debt review as well. One large debt review organisation (with 239 offices country wide) report that they have seen as much as a 40% increase in calls for assistance over this time last year. They say that statistically the second Monday in February is the busiest day of the year with the most calls coming in. February has also been a traditionally busy month for Debt Counsellors here in SA.

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