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Our Editor’s Note

December is here and once again we ask ourselves where did the year go? That’s not to say we are not all a little exhausted after a tough year. The year has been a tricky one for most of us. Economically it has also been a tough one. Eskom is such a mess and SAA is in business rescue.

Not that SA is alone in having some tricky times. The Americans are upset with their President. The Brits are still confused about getting out of the EU. China and the States have been going back and forth with trade wars and in some parts of the world people are dying due to actual wars.

‘life is complicated and the end of year break promises just some respite from all the craziness’

So, life is complicated and the end of year break promises just some respite from all the craziness, kind of how the Rugby and Miss Universe provided us with some distractions and brought a smile to our faces. We all deserve a little break.

Spare a thought for all those who will work through the end of the year and even all the public holidays so that the rest of us can relax. Like crime, retail never takes a break. The end of the year sales are going on and people need to be in the stores to help us all buy, buy, buy.

It is amazing to think that after Black Friday and all those sales there might still be some cash in our wallets and purses. This is, of course, where the danger of December rears its head. It is easy to get swept up in all the excitement and blow your budget. Please beware.

This issue we talk about leaving debt review and being debt free. Are you ready? We hope the articles help you think about what it will be like to get out of debt. Just imagine how great that will be.

We hope you enjoy the news, reviews and helpful tips too. We also hope you enjoy your break. You deserve it. Stay focused and make your payment this month. Hopefully, it is one of the last few you ever have to make before you reach your goal of being totally debt free.